Mortgage Readiness

No More Losing Clients You Would Have Had To Originally Turn Away Because Of Their Challenged Credit: Make Your Client’s Dreams Of Home Ownership Come True!

Mortgage Ready Program is a unique approach to improving credit in order to purchase a home . The process we use is efficient, with scores showing an average increase of 68 points in 30-45 days!  We want your clients to truly understand what their credit report means and what they can do to increase their credit scores, with the goal of being mortgage ready in mind.

The Credit Brokers  process from start to finish:

  • Credit Report Audit Consultation
  • Direct contact with the credit bureaus, creditors and collection agencies
  • Custom letters based on credit laws in consumer’s favor
  • Online portal for tracking progress

One in five credit reports contain errors and negative information. By removing or updating information based on credit laws, our Mortgage Ready Program helps increase your clients’ credit scores and restore their buying power.

Our team of certified credit repair counselors consists of student loan consolidation specialists, credit attorneys, and credit building experts who have the skills, technology, and dedication to improve your client’s chances of securing a home loan.


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